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He answered, "See that you not be deceived, for many will come in my name, saying, 'I am he,' and 'The time has come.'  Do not follow them!
-- Luke 21,08

Dear Readers!

          We are very glad that you visited our site. Materials you'll find here are directed to the customer who wants to know the origin, history, science and contemporary activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. The name of the Catholic Church comes from the Greek "Catholicos" which means (the church) common, also the name of this site was borrowed from that date. Just as in apostolic times, there was one single church uniting all Christians, so today all Catholics form a community of believers which is the Church of Christ. Most of separate churches and religious groups based on Christianity was established through a deviation from the teachings of Christ, entering through a separate structure, their own interpretations, splits and divisions moving away from the true teachings of Christ. The author points out errors, take the controversy, and argues that the duration of the organization is the road to nowhere. Critical stance on many issues, it is not directed against anyone, all he wants to warn against the dangers posed by this confession. The organization is one big lie, which leads to a tragic human deception. Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs firmly and unequivocally deny the most obvious Christian teachings. Thus, the science that creates the Watchtower Society is open interference proof of Satan. The Christian churches are considered to be God and Jesus as Savior, we believe in the Trinity as in God. If, therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses do not recognize the Trinity and even ridicule her, they are not for us based on Christ Church, but a sect based on Christianity. How is it possible that the witnesses are still their supporters and even new members. Is fanaticism members of that religion can blind you encounter man and deprive him of rationalism. Teachings that proclaim they are full of errors and misrepresentations that are mutually exclusive. They are incompatible with logic and common sense. Witnesses can fully manipulate man obrzydzając everything Catholic, destroying the foundations of faith, while feeding false teachings, introducing the havoc and confusion. The changing every moment teachings can not keep even the most ardent, not to mention them emerging concerns and questions. By eating rotten fruits of faith, you can not just run into a spiritual void, but fall into atheism. In Poland, every year, 3.5 thousand witnesses leaves of the organization. They face harassment and condemnation from the former brethren. It is considered as traitors and renegades equates to pigs that once "washed" in the organization, returned back to the mud, or the "wicked system of this world", ruled by Satan. From the relationship of many ex-witnesses can learn that the destructive impact of the sect, the passage of time led them to a state in which they were human wrecks. People who believe otherwise are their dangerous enemies, isolating themselves from our practices and professed beliefs (because we are "world, and our religion is the work of demons") their opinion, remain under the influence of Satan and his wicked teachings which is also a desire for the whole world. About me speak of living in the so-called. "truth", while Catholics say about us that we are deceived by false religion that is not pleasing to God. Babylon of Revelation identify what the Catholic Church. From it should be run, because it will sweep away the wrath of God from the earth like a millstone cast into the sea (Revelation 18:21). "Great Whore" which is mentioned in this book, define the state as the current Vatican. Pope come down to the name of the archangel Satan. They are accommodating and ready for dialogue but their main purpose is to "convert" and do not want to notice the arguments that deny what profess. Lead deliberate practice to combat with other faiths, but in particular are hostile attitude towards Catholics. The latter refuse to even titers Christians, bringing them to define the so-called. "nominal Christianity." The only think they are the only true Christians, and the only representatives of God on earth. Before this sect and its destructive influence on young people especially warned St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe. John Paul II taught, "Teaching sects and new religious movements is against the teachings of the Catholic Church and therefore membership in them is the denial of the faith," The work of this organization has become a challenge to the interest in the religious movement and examine it from scratch. I found that the witnesses are people internally torn, undergoing continuous monitoring, with doubts and spiritual problems. This is a kind of game appearances, believers have in them a lot of doubts, but they never turn out. It threatens exclusion, or at least hostility of his fellows. During the proclamation of this is to create an apparent image of the people some of what they say. They do not know the real truth that comes from the content of the Scriptures. Based solely on someone else's ignorance when mistakenly try to teach people encountered by chance. Unreal is also fully aware of the opinion that the Scriptures, mechanical cite a number of verses, which often lack the logical sequence of events following each other. They hold that the learned patterns for them are not fully understood (absolute unexplained), and search for answers to the 'hard questions' is perceived by supervisors as a lack of zeal and humility. Today, we live in a time of extensive lifestyle and religious turmoil, where the man walks away from the faith, guided by the liberal views that offers world. Not in our society of universal knowledge of the Bible is the reason leading to numerous manipulations spoken numerous sects. St. Paul says that "in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, tending toward seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. [This will happen] by those who hypocritically lie" (1 Tim 4,01-02) My goal is to defend the faith, and at the same time to protect her by breaches in by people living in a lie. The author of this website is a Roman Catholic and has never been a member of the organization, this means that every Jehovah's Witness can view the materials contained herein without the risk of exclusion. The more I began to learn about the past of the Organization the more I am of the opinion that it is a mine of human gullibility and stupidity. God every sect is money, and the leader of the real cheater. If the average witness knew the true history of his wymania, probably would not have been so easy object manipulation, and probably would have been disappointed everything connected with the Watchtower. Knowledge of the history and activities of this religion as a result of this led me to an accurate knowledge of the Bible, and cemented in the Catholic faith. All materials on this site are worthy of the faith and the teaching of the Catholic Church. Present a short list of discrepancies that exist between the doctrines of the Church and the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Main truths of the catholic

1. The one God is. 
2. The God is the fair juror, who too good is recompensing but too bad is punishing
3. Three heavenly persons are: God the Father, the God's Son and the Saint Spirit. 
4. The God's Son became the person and he died on the cross for our redemption
5. The human soul is immortal. 
6. The God's grace is necessary for saving by all means.

Sects and the threat they are carrying which
              In Poland, there are more than 150 registered churches and religious communities. But according to the experts in our country also works as many illegal sects. Under their influence is from 250 thousand. to a million people, mostly young. Modern man is increasingly turning away from traditional religions and sects looking for alternatives, often becoming uncritical fanatic new cult. We live in times of spiritual confusion, where each determines its own rules in its sole discretion and convenience. Religious doctrine usually has to subdue followers, for the close circle of leaders. The domination of the masses of the people has been known since antiquity. Mistreated by calculating their influence on the religious feelings when the eclipse would mean the wrath of God. Similarly, today the leaders of sects are willing to manipulate people in order to achieve as a result of the intended benefits for themselves. The sect is a movement using their coercive psychological. The logic of the sect is based on the belief that the goal always justifies the means. Material resources collected by the sect are not available to its members, or the public. The rank and followers are needed to maintain a certain circle of leaders. Particularly susceptible to propaganda used in the context of recruiting sects are non-families, submissive, looking for support and help, or having a shaky views. However, by definition it follows that the sect uses mind control techniques, which nearly everyone is susceptible. The threat of new religious movements is increasing. In the UK alone works out approx. 500 such groups. To explain the reason for the growth in popularity of sects, you have to look at the motives of actions of their leaders. They are very different from financial, through political, and sexual motives. Many gurus for so long,, god calls himself "that he ceased to have doubts that it is a supernatural being. That someone is the most willing to push their followers to mass suicide, which can be heard more often. Cults are dangerous and before the coming of repentance, it appears that a person becomes obedient puppet, unable to make their own decisions. A technique often used by the sect is called. love bombing. Your new friends,, "every step of proving you sympathy, just love. Another technique is gaining new supporters sex. Attractive girl or handsome boy falls into the clutches of the sect by flirt. Often, cult members at the first meeting, add to food or drugs means causing a feeling of euphoria. And then from the first moment we feel in their company so wonderfully. In a situation where someone is prevented from leaving the group should use all legal saucers. Starting with the ending of the institutions Police guarding the right to self-determination of the individual. After leaving the sect need to contact a good psychotherapist. It can erase from your mind the fear of certain people and help to get back to normal life. It is important also to support the family. Still present at the end of the list of churches and religious associations operating in the territory of Poland.

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